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The Difference Between Resumes Cover Letters And CV


Wondering about the difference?


There are many people, who have wondered time and again about the difference between a resume and a CV, broadly known as Curriculum Vitae. Furthermore, when the phrase, “cover letter” gets mixed into the picture, there is even greater confusion. It is essential that as part of your academic career, you also understand these different technical terms. This is because many individuals have excellent qualifications, but they may not know these technical terms, and may not use these tools in the right way when they are applying for a job. In that sense, it is highly essential for individuals to actually find out these differences so that they know that they would be able to get the job in the right way.


Clearing out the confusion….


The first confusion is between a resume and a curriculum vitae (CV). Well, our resume writing service to sort that out, because they both can be sent when you are applying for a job. However, the difference arises as to the length of each document and the exact way that it is used for. When it comes to resume, you just need to write a one or two page about yourself, summarizing about your education, your job experience and your skills and expertise, of course. On the other hand, when you are writing a CV, it can be much more detailed. It needs to be at least two pages, and it should have more details about you. Resumes should not exceed more than 2 pages. On the other hand, CVs should actually not be less than 2 pages. Understand this difference, because you do not want to end up getting confused. Furthermore, different areas require either a resume or a CV. It depends really. You would want to mention the details of your academic qualifications, as well as the background, along with research and teaching experience. You might also want to mention the honors that you may have won, and the different presentations that you may have done, along with the awards that have gained you popularity. When you are applying for places in the Middle East, Asia, Europe or Africa, employers would generally expect a more detailed description about yourself, which would be reflected greatly in the document, known as a CV.


Coming to cover letters..


No, we have not left this particular detail out. It is necessary to understand that whenever you are sending out a curriculum vitae writing or a resume, you need to accompany these with a cover letter. Your cover letter should be such that it is brilliant enough for the employer to actually open your resume and go through it. Therefore, you need to impress your potential employer with an interesting cover letter. The aim of the cover letter is to actually complement your resume, and not duplicate it. You need to add a personal touch in the cover letter and reach out to the person, who is reading it. A resume and a CV would be a collection of facts about you. BUT a cover letter would reflect who you actually are!

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