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Sample Essay - Persuasive

In essay writing, there is an overload of information. But there is nothing like a few sample essays from the studydaddy homework website to show the reader what an essay is all about. The following is an example.

Popular opinion is that the dog is man’s best friend. There is undeniably some truth in that. But that statement seems to exclude all the other creatures from the animal world. Take the cat for instance; many people find the companionship of a cat very enjoyable. And not withstanding what the dog lovers may say cats too make excellent pets.

A lot of people get pleasure from the company of cats. Most cats are friendly. They will cuddle up to their masters want to be petted. They also like to be scratched under the chin. Cats are generally very playful. They enjoy running after a ball or playing with a feather. They even love to simply spar with a loose piece of string. They enjoy themselves even more if their masters join in their game.

This may come as a surprise to many; cats can be trained. Just as you would train a dog you can condition cats with a simple system of rewards and reprimands. You can teach cats to do the things you want them to or to avoid the things you disapprove of. Contrary to popular opinion, cats can be trained. You can even train a cat to fetch.


Cats are generally more civilized than dogs. They make less noise, do not run around the house in an unruly manner, do not knock things down and snooze in some corner quietly. Cats are easily litter box trained. As a matter of fact a mother cat shows her kittens to use the litter box and the kittens use it from then on. Cats have claws and may sometimes scratch. But this problem is easily overcome. The cat can either be declawed. Or a scratch post can be set up in the cat’s favorite corner and the cat will give vent to its natural instinct to scratch. This will stop the cat from scratching the furniture and will to some extent blunt the cat’s claws.

Cats are easier to care for. Although they are much smaller made than dogs, cats are generally hardier and fall ill less frequently than dogs. Unlike dogs they get all the exercise they require indoors. But this is not so in the case of most dogs. They have to be taken outdoors. And this may not always be possible, especially during winter and the rainy season. Cats clean themselves. This means that you may never need to give a cat a bath. But dogs have to be bathed regularly; at least once a week. And if you do not do this a dog can smell very badly.


The maintenance cost of cats is a pittance compared to what you have to spend on dogs. Dogs eat a lot more than cats and are fussy eaters. As compared to this cats eat almost anything you give them. Cats also need less space. They are happy to have a box of their own and do not need the run of the house. All in all cats are as good a house pet as any other of the other animals you find in peoples’ houses.

There are many different kinds of essays and this sample essay is simply an example of a more typical, generic document from which you should get an idea of the basic structure and aims.

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