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Step by Step Guide on Key Components of ESA Letter | 2021 Guide 


ESAs are Emotional support animals that help people going through emotional support animal stress, depression or mental disorders. According to multiple pieces of research, one in every five individuals undergoes depression or some psychological disorder at some stage in his life. These are the hard days where the patient finds it difficult to carry out his routine and live a normal life. ESAs are pets that prove helpful in such situations. They provide comfort, calmness, and help individuals fight these disorders.


If you’re looking to get an emotional support animal to help you in a similar case, you’ll need to get an ESA letter from a licensed mental health expert. Not everyone can get an ESA letter. Similarly, not all physicians are eligible to issue an ESA letter. Only mental health experts, psychologists or psychiatrists can issue it after a proper diagnosis. If they find the patient eligible to get a support animal, they write an ESA letter. This letter will help the patient not only in keeping an emotional support animal with him but one may also be exempted from pet fees at many places like commercial flights, accommodations, etc.



What does an ESA letter contain? Well, one can say that it is just a simple letter written by your psychologist or doctor. But it should mention some important points. Here is a detail of the key components that your ESA letter should contain emotional support dog :


The letter should contain the name and professional title of the expert that the patient is consulting. It should also mention the professional’s license number and the date of issuance of the letter. The letter should be written on the official letterhead with the licensed professional’s signature and stamp.


The doctor must mention the name of the patient and the details of the patient’s mental disability. The therapist or psychiatrist must clearly mention that the patient has symptoms of a mental disability and is not able to perform one or more major activities in his daily life. An emotional support animal is an important part of this treatment. The letter may contain can dogs have pineapple little detail on how the ESA assists the patient emotionally and helps him to alleviate the disorder and also, the role this specific support animal plays in the patient’s health and treatment.


And lastly, the letter’s issuance date should be no longer than 12 months old because this letter is valid for one year in all states in the US.


If you still feel confused about what exactly an Emotional Support Animal Letter is and want to see how an ESA Letter is written, you can consult the internet at any time. You can easily find an Emotional Support Animal Letter Sample on a number of websites which also tells you what to expect from the letter and where you can get one. It provides a complete guide and in a proper and legal way. If you get yourself a legitimate ESA letter that has all these important components, your pet can live with you even in “no pet” accommodations. Your landlord cannot force you to pay pet fees or leave the accommodation for keeping an ESA. You don’t have to tell them everything about your health issues. Just showing a legitimate letter is enough. Another benefit you can reap is when traveling with your ESA. Most commercial flights charge extra fee for traveling with a pet. An active ESA letter will save you the extra fee and your pet would be allowed or can dogs eat pineapple flight for free. 



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